Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis

Dreamsite will take your business to the next level. Our team of experts will analyse your business’ requirements and help you implementation of a corporate strategy, achieve growth that is rapid, profitable and sustainable.

Our team of professional analysts employ business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN) a method.

Custom Development

We offer

a wide range of additional services, depending on your business's requirements.

We push

the technology envelope every day, with a broad range of technologies such as JavaScript, HTML 5, PHP, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, AJAX, and Java. Wordpress, Bitrix24, Magento and Shopify.

We perform

integrations with software as well as we have ready integrators for such popular ERP systems.

Authorize Net
MS Dynamics

Website Development

Typically, a website falls under one of the following broad categories:

  • Non-editable brochure website (often referred to as static site)
  • Editable brochure website (requiring a content management system)
  • Editable, dynamic website, with more user engagement (login areas etc.) and self managed through a content management system
  • E-commerce site – integrated with a payment gateway such as Paypal, Worldpay or banks
  • A web application – when a website requires lots of bespoke functionality or processes it generally falls under the web application category

Integration with your Website

You can easily integrate Bitrix24 CRM with your website. Bitrix24 lead capture tools, such as live chat, website forms or callback widget all come with embed code that works with any CMS or ecommerce platform – no coding necessary!

Open Channels is a new tool for your Bitrix24 account offering integration with famous social networks and other messengers. Open Channels consolidate various means of digital communications with your clients in Bitrix24.

Have a look at some of our work:
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Speak to us about our services and how we can help you to get the maximum Return On Investment from your application or website.

Bitrix24 Sales & Consulting

Bitrix24 Sales & Consulting

Dreamsite is a Bitrix Gold Partner, with high-level IT specialists and certified Bitrix professionals available at your services. We have consulting services to assist companies succeed in their businesses and optimise web presence.

Our sales and consulting services covers following topics:

  • Subscriptions and license sales for the cloud or on-premise versions
  • Consultancy on licensing, pricing and setup
  • Best practices in Bitrix24
  • Automatization processes in Btrix24
  • Online and on-site employee training

Bitrix24 Setup & Customization

We here to help you with the setup, data migration or customization of Bitrix24 solution. Solve various issues in order to optimize their business processes by implementing Bitrix24. Years of Experience allow us to provide the highest-quality service.

  • Server setup for Bitrix Environment
  • On-premise version installations
  • Active Directory / LDAP and NTLM authentication setup
  • Bitrix24 initial confoguration, notifications, user access permissions
  • Company organizational structure
  • Custom module development
  • Third-party services, internal information, payment or ERP systems integration
  • External application development for Bitrix24
  • Bitrix24 automation and workflow management
  • Binding with other sites
  • CRM entities customization

As well you can add completely new functions, make your own tools of work with Bitrix24 (CRM, tasks, reports). Depending on your needs and feature requirements we will prepare a quote for you.

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